Aloe vera


Aloe vera is a medicinal plant with fleshy leaves that produces a gelatinous substance, rich in properties.

We think (it is not certain) that it originated from North Africa, but then it became naturalized where it found, in the world, a warm, sunny and mild climate, as Italy also has.

The juice or gel of aloe vera is highly moisturizing and is a known ally of the skin that needs to heal, as well as being able to alleviate burns due to abrasions or burns.

Aloe is also useful in household cleaning: its emollient property also extends to fabrics, which are regenerated if treated with its juice. It is also excellent for its antistatic and polishing effect on surfaces.



Lemon is a well-known citrus fruit, super used for its useful properties both in the food and cosmetic sectors.

Its origin is uncertain, but it is thought to originate from Asia. However, it is widespread throughout the world and is widely cultivated in Italy.

Lemon juice contains vitamin C useful for the body and the skin, but it has always been used also for house cleaning, even alone.

In the kitchen, it is excellent for cleaning dishes and kitchen surfaces, as it has degreasing, polishing and anti-odor properties that make it essential for a clean and fragrant home.



Mint is an antiseptic and refreshing spice, easily recognizable by its strong and penetrating scent and known for its many healthy virtues.

Mint is a perennial herb rich in history, of European origin. The Peperita version is a natural hybrid born around the seventeenth century, the use of which has largely developed both in cosmetics and in gastronomy.

While its use is widespread in kitchens and cosmetic products, its traditional use in household cleaning is less known.

The mind has in fact antistatic properties useful to all surfaces, which, added to the characteristic refreshing scent, make it the perfect ingredient for cleaning.



Originally from southern Europe, it has since developed everywhere, thanks to its resistance to extreme climates, both extremely hot and extremely cold.

The leaves are harvested before flowering, in the period in which they reach the maximum concentration of essential oil, useful both to the organism and to the cosmetic care of the skin.

However, it has many useful properties for the house cleaning, in fact it has sanitizing properties and, thanks to its characteristic fragrance, it is an excellent anti-odor.



Thyme is a perennial and woody plant, rich in beneficial and cosmetic properties, above all thanks to the high presence of potassium.

It is a plant of Mediterranean origin that in Italy grows from the sea to the mountains, with a great ancient history that already links it to the Egyptians and the Romans.

Thyme has always been used in cosmetic treatments for its precious properties, but it is above all in the kitchen that it also finds space as a cure for the organism.

Perhaps less well known are its useful properties for cleaning the house: in fact, the thyme has strong sanitizing and odor-eliminating properties, useful both for treating fabrics and surfaces.

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