We support the circular economy to give a future to the Earth

We believe in the circular economy as a sustainable model to give a future to our planet, which is why we are committed to respecting its philosophy.

The linear economy, which has been always the standard, can be summed up in a few simple steps: “extract, produce, use, throw”. But in a world where resources are limited and pollution is high, it is necessary to turn this line into a circle so the resources that have exhausted their purpose can be use again, to not need to take new ones from Planet.

During our production cycle, the most delicate moment in terms of waste of resources is packaging: we need a large number of bottles, labels and boxes to pack our products. For this reason, we have focused our attention on plastic and cardboard, to find materials that can fall within the circle of the circular economy.

The principles of the circular economy

1) RECYCLING AND PRODUCTION OF SUSTAINABLE RAW MATERIALS: thanks to the urban waste collection and recycling, some materials can be reused for the production of new products. If the recycled materials are not sufficient, new sustainable raw materials can be produced, such as plastic from plant sources or ECO certified cardboard.

2) PRODUCTION OF NEW MATERIALS AND PRODUCTS: the raw materials thus obtained become the basis for the creation of our products, an Eco-Bio line in sustainable bottles and boxes, with highly biodegradable formulations, delicate but super effective, because based on the properties of vegetable ingredients.

3) USE OF THE PRODUCT AND ITS DISPOSAL: the consumer uses and disposes of the product correctly, contributing to the closure of the circle and the realization of a sustainable economic system.

For this reason we only use plastic obtained from separate collection, plastic born from vegetable and renewable sources and certified cardboard.

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