When packaging supports the environment

To give our planet a future, it is essential to take care of nature. For this we manage our purchases and our production following the principles of the circular economy, which supports the recycle of used materials in order to employ the minimum number of new resources.

Our packaging therefore requires care in choosing the two main materials that we use to package the products:

Our plastic

Both creating new plastic and its disposing, are polluting procedures since plastic derives from oil and it leads to huge CO2 emissions, moreover, it has the characteristic of not being ecological, as it does not biodegrade over time.

Packing cardboard

Cardboard is an ecological material, but it is made up of vegetable fibers taked from the trees: some have learned to use only the bark, but it is more “practical” to uproot a tree to get fibers from wood, thus deforesting the forests.

Above all, we focused on the best characteristic of plastic: it can be recycled endlessly without losing its characteristics and properties.

All our bottles are therefore born from post-consumer recycled plastic, obtained from separate collection.

Unfortunately, recycled plastic is not a total solution anyway: industries will always need more plastic than what is obtained from recycling. This is why alternative solutions must be found in the production of sustainable plastic.

That’s why we have chosen to use, for our labels, virgin plastic (therefore, first processing) created from a vegetable and renewable source, which takes the exact place of oil in its production, but with a significant decrease in CO2 production.

The result of this project? A packaging in mono-plastic material, ethical, eco-sustainable and that can give life to new products, forever!


Having to use a large number of cardboard boxes for the packaging and transportation of the products, we chose certified cardboard, that guarantees the correct and ethical management of forests during the production of the cardboard.

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