"Support the ecosystem to support the future."

We choose green ingredients, safe not only for those who use the products, but also for the environment.


We believe in the principles of the circular economy, which we scrupulously follow to support the rebirth of our ecosystem.

We believe in made in Italy as a source of quality and as a solution to reduce CO2 emissions.

We treat detergents as if they were cosmetic, for this reason we produce them according to GMP standards and we have created the entire line with very clean INCIs, always giving priority to green ingredients according to the biodizionario.

We have therefore selected the best raw materials, innovative and eco-sustainable and the vegetable and organic extracts that use the knowledge of our grandparents, who are well aware of the strength and effectiveness of nature.

Sustainable surfactants

We have researched our ingredients in nature, finding all the cleaning power that is normally found in chemical ingredients, so as to make the products sustainable and extremely delicate on the ecosystem.

Plant extracts

The properties of our products depend on the use of certified plant and organic extracts that have natural characteristics, such as a great degreasing, sanitizing and polishing power.

We believe in sustainable development, for this reason we allow ourselves to be guided by the principles of the circular economy whereby the life of a product must not end with its disposal, but with the reuse of as many materials as possible.

In this way the number of waste is reduced and the raw materials and their use are optimized.

Sustainable plastic

BOTTLES: are made of recycled plastic, which is collected and reworked thanks to the urban recycling.

LABELS: they are in eco-plastic that comes from a vegetable and renewable source, instead of oil.

Ethical cardboard

we pack our products only in cartons that arise from the most correct forest management, so as not to damage the environment, in support of the growth and rebirth of green areas in the world.

Our products are 100% made in Italy, from the content of the bottle to the packaging that contains it, to obtain an all-Italian quality also in support of the zero kilometer economy: our suppliers are closer and so less CO2 emissions depend on the transport of the goods.

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